Hiring a Real Estate Agent

People often think that shopping for a house is easy until they have to do it. House shopping is tiring and can take longer especially if you are not well informed about the area you are shopping in. Shopping through the internet is a risky investment because you put your information at risk and you may be scammed unknowingly. So what is the best way to shop for a house? Hiring an agent may cost you more than you budgeted for but is guaranteed to get you what you need. Loans could be your best option, although you are spending more money, an agent could even help you get the money back through selling your property for the right amount instead or less or more and it not selling. Here at Global RE Loans, we might have the best tips for you.

Here are some good reasons why you should hire an agent when you are shopping for a house.


Real estate agents have vast knowledge and experience in the field.  If you find a good agent with the right connections, then you are sure to find your next ideal home. Real estate agents focus on the needs of the client. They can do their jobs fast and to perfection, if you need a house with clear specifications, maybe a pool or a front garden, the agents can use their connections to find the right house for you.

More access

They have access to more homes. Real estate agents know the housing market well and may be aware of more available houses. Even though available homes are listed online, you may miss some of the best deals that sellers want to keep private. The agent can provide access to homes that you may have missed online

Price Differences

With an agent, you have the benefit of getting your dream home at the lowest price possible. Professional agents can tell the real cost of home just by looking at the structure and investigating it. The seller won’t have a chance of ripping you off. An experienced agent, with the help of an inspector, can detect issues with your potential home that may have gone undetected. Where the house requires attention and repair, your agent can negotiate the terms with the seller or their agent.  For instance, they can sign an agreement that the cost of repair and refurnishing be billed to the seller’s account.


Buying a home involves a lot of paperwork. The documents require a tonne of time to read and understand so you can not miss something unknowingly. Agents are experienced in this sector and can help save you a lot of time. They track down the paperwork and ensure you sign all the right deals. Some agents keep track of your records for several years to ensure everything runs smoothly even after the deal is closed.


The client has an obligation to put the client’s need first. They are required to disclose fully on information pertaining to the house and the paperwork. This obligation is stated under the code of ethics and they can face serious penalties when they violate them. This will benefit you in that; they will be honest at all times which increases the chances of finding a perfect home.

No Issues

Agents make sure there are no issues when it comes to closing on a house. Review the paperwork and correct all minor mistakes to make sure everything is clear for closing.


Loans can help you fund an agent to help you buy a home. With an agent you could even get a lower price on a home, meaning the loan paid for itself. So, although loans might not feel like a good option due to repayments, they more than likely are.


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