This is why your listing was rejected

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If you haven’t gotten an offer after three months and more then you might be having a problem with your listing.  If houses are selling fast in your area except yours, then you need to evaluate everything about your home. Some of the reasons stated bellow may help you discover what you may be doing wrong.

The pricing of your house is too high. Real estate experts argue that if the pricing of your home is just right, it sells almost immediately you put it in the market. What criteria did you use to set the price of your home? Many sellers set the price based on what they want to gain from selling their home. You may assume that setting a higher price and coming down later will not have an effect on your listing, but it may chase away potential buyers.

The detail information on your listing may be wrong. You may have simply stated the wrong price on your listing, double check to make sure the information is accurate.

If you took poor quality photos, your listing will not attract potential buyers.  Home buyers who surf the internet use these photos to determine whether to visit the homes or not.  Real estate agents usually hire professional photographers to do the job, but if you did it on a phone the results may not have been good enough. If not the quality of the picture then contents of the picture may be the problem. The home arrangement may not be appealing to many buyers.

The curb appeal and the inside of the house may be chasing the buyers away. If the inside of the house is dark, the walls are too dull or too bright and its full of clutter the buyers won’t look at it twice. If it’s not, investigate to find out the real issues. It might be the furniture, setting or something as simple as dirty dishes and old floors. Make sure you hire a professional home keeper and cleaner to do the job for you and you will get your money’s worth and a sale. The curb is the first impression of the house and if it is not attractive, nobody will consider buying.

You agent may not be giving attention to your home. If your agent does not know why your property is not selling, get a new agent. Your current agent may be focused on bigger homes or homes they think have higher potential and neglecting your home. Don’t just get another agent without trying to understand the problem.

The problem might be the lack of home insurance. Home owners insurance needs to check plumbing, electrical, roof and cooling system for insurance. Buyers are attracted to homes with insurance because they are guaranteed back-up if anything goes wrong.  If your home does not meet the standards of some real-estate agencies, they don’t issue mortgage to people looking to buy your house. Do extensive research and make sure your home fits into most agencies’ guidelines. Even though it may not happen as fast as you need, your home will sell if you apply the right strategies.