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Many people choose the real estate career path for its significant rewards. The main reason people are attracted is that real estate has the potential to make your career grow and create opportunities for others. Before starting up your career, please bear in mind that it can take a lot of time and effort, just like anything else. If you need any tips on managing money, budgeting or anything along those lines, please visit Simple Personal Loans. Along with this the lender/broker can offer you loans up to £35,000 if you ever need a personal loan or find yourself in any financial difficulty in the future. Although you shouldn’t use loans to set up a business, you might need loans to help you with various things along your journey.

Here is a list of the positive and negative sides of being a real estate agent.

You are your own boss

As a real estate agent, you can be an independent contractor who makes their own decisions and is in control of their own bookings. So, with a good work ethic and attitude, your real estate business has the potential to grow. Also, building your own brand as an agent can give you a lot of opportunities within and outside the real estate industry. If being a real estate agent was not your choice or calling, you are less likely to create a long term business where you create an opportunity for yourself and others.


As an independent real estate agent, you have the flexibility to make your own schedule. Therefore, you’re able to control your working hours and movements. Choose where you work from yourself. Organising your own schedule is one of the best parts. It may sound liberating to manage your own schedule but it is not as simple as it seems. Sometimes you have to work around your client’s schedule which may be evening hours and weekends. Having multiple clients around the same time can be tiring, confusing and will most likely mess with your schedule.

Unlimited Income Potential

Working in real estate gives you unlimited income potential. Your income is not limited to hourly wages, commissions and dictated salaries. So, the amount of money you earn depends on the hours you put into work.  If you are dedicated to the business and have a large client following, the growth potential for your business will be huge. Business based earnings can be tricky during slow periods. As an independent agent, you rely on your customers and are not promised a constant monthly salary. For new agents, it could be a while before they get profits from their investments into the business. You have to higher professionals to help in real estate deals and that might dent some of your earnings

Well Respected

People respect your work and professionalism in real estate. If you have knowledge of the work areas, the housings and new listings, you increase your potential to get a large client base. Clients rely on you because they believe in your expert abilities. If real estate is your calling, you get genuine satisfaction from helping clients find their perfect homes. As an agent, you gain life skills and learn to work with different personalities Even the slightest mistakes can cause you your client’s money and eventually your potential customers. Large transactions and dealing with documentations are stressful and you will need strength and confidence when things do not go your way. People expect the most from you, even field you may not be qualified in. You have to be a critical thinker and learn how to solve problems fast


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